Welcome To Pier Buddy!

A Row of Pier BuddysThe Pier Buddy is a revolutionary new invention for pier and dock fishing. Designed to securely fasten to almost all known dock and pier rails in the country, it holds your pole securely. This allows you the opportunity to fish with multiple poles (where allowed by law) without the risk of loss from a sudden strike.

Lightweight and portable the Pier Buddy is pier and dock friendly. NO METAL, NO TOOLS required! Simply said you will not find an easier to use pole holder for piers and docks.

Made from some of the strongest plastics available to man, the Pier Buddy will provide you with years of service in any weather condition. The ABS and Nylon materials are protected by a UV rodholderadditive that will resist the power of the sun, and the plastic materials are resistant to the salt water corrosion normally encountered with pole holding devices.

The Pier Buddy was designed to secure to any 2” rail material commonly used on piers. With our patent pending design you can adjust the Pier Buddy to secure to 2×4, 2×6 and 2×8 material (not to mention a host of other dimensions).